Terms and Conditions

In-House Imaging

2nd January 2018

Our terms of trade are set out below and govern our business relationship with real estate agents, companies and individuals. Please read them carefully.

Application of terms and conditions:

These terms apply to all trade carried out between VX Industries Pty Ltd trading as In-House Imaging (here after referred to as “In-House Imaging”) and all real estate agents, companies and individuals (hereafter referred to as the Licensee) that appoint In-House Imaging to create imaging and other artistic content. These terms are effective from the above date until these terms of trade are replaced by another document.

By using the services of In-House Imaging you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

The Agreement:

This agreement is for a Non-Exclusive Licence of Copyrighted material to be granted to the licensee for a period of 6 months from the date of the shoot. This licence grants the licensee the rights to use the resultant artistic works associated with the booking (e.g. floor plans, videos etc. ) in the marketing of this property only, for six calendar months. 

The licensee is the only entity who can use the copyright material in the way or ways covered by this licence agreement. This licence is not transferable by the initiating licensee.


The Copyright for all photographs (and other artistic works) produced by In-House Imaging during a photographic shoot remains the property of In-House Imaging and are protected under local and international copyright laws. Copyright is not transferable under this agreement.

Use of any image for any additional marketing or promotion, such as for a business or
individual (including any use by architects, builders, painters, kitchen suppliers, stylists and other businesses or individuals in any print or web publication), is a violation of copyright and of this agreement. 

Alteration by the licensee or any third party of any content delivered under this agreement is prohibited.

For further information on Copyright please visit: https://lawhandbook.sa.gov.au/ch11s01.php

Our Guarantee: 

In-House Imaging guarantees all of our work. If a client is not happy with the work carried out, then a photographer may return to re-shoot the concerned area. If the client is still not happy, no fee will be charged. If no fee is paid then all work produced by In-House Imaging must not be used in any way, shape or form. However the use of any of the images will constitute an acceptance of the work, and of the terms and conditions laid out in this document. 


Although all care is taken while photographing every home / property, In-House Imaging and it’s representatives accepts no responsibility for any damage or breakages during this process.

In-House Imaging and /or its staff shall not be held liable for any legal action, claim or damages resulting from or arising out of the publication of the photographs or other use.


All fees must be paid to In-House Imaging within 14 days of account unless otherwise determined in writing between In-House Imaging and the agent.

Bad Debt:

If an agent or individual arranges for In-House Imaging to photograph a property, person or thing for their own purposes or on behalf of a home owner and does not pay for that service within the required time, the amount owed by the agent is a bad debt of the agent. 

If an individual arranges for In-House Imaging to photograph a property, person or thing on his/her own behalf and does not pay for that service within the required time, the amount owed by the individual is a bad debt of that individual.

Recovery of Payment:

All bad debts will be passed on to a debt collecting service. All costs relating to the recovery of overdue accounts will be added to the original fees and must be paid by the person / company who made the booking.

By using the photos or other creative works supplied by In-House Imaging you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.

About Eric

“Born to shoot the world.”

It’s a beautiful thing when you discover your passion from a young age. Eric’s fascination in skydiving photography started when he was in high school.

“The brother-in-law of a close friend of mine was a skydiving camera man, I believe he was the camera man for the national skydiving team. After visiting the skydiving dropzone and seeing him action, I instantly knew, that if one day I got into skydiving, I wanted to be a camera man.”

A few years later, Eric enrolled in a skydiving course with that same friend. And sure enough, as soon as he was allowed to jump with a camera, he started pursuing it as a profession.

It was a lifestyle he loved, one that took him on many adventures. After a few short years, Eric was asked to be the camera man for the Zimbabwean skydiving team at the world championships.

“I learned most of what I know about photography and videography in the world of skydiving. Trusting your instinct and developing the skill to anticipate what might happen separates good photography from great.”

As Eric travelled the world skydiving, he grasped every opportunity to photograph and film a diverse range of activities, events and businesses.

“The natural progression was to multimedia. One of my favourite projects was filming a 2-day travel adventure for a dozen 4×4 vehicles in the dunes of the Namib Desert to the south of Walvis Bay in Namibia.”

After moving to Australia and meeting his wife Sarah-Jane, the pair knew their combined skills would be best suited to a photography and multimedia business. In-House Imaging in Adelaide was born.

After more than 16,000 jumps to his name, Eric quit skydiving as the demands of their business grew. Life with Sarah-Jane and the growth of In-House Imaging is the greatest rush of all.

About Sarah-Jane

“I’ve learnt that to get the best in life, you need to be willing to take calculated risks. To be bold in your choices and brave about what the outcome may be. Greatness was never achieved from mediocrity, just as great photography doesn’t happen by accident.”

Sarah-Jane’s desire to explore, push boundaries and step outside of her comfort zone has given her the ability to go beyond.

In 2006, she bought a one-way ticket from London to Christchurch, New Zealand. Despite a fear of heights, she enrolled in a diploma of commercial skydiving. After 100 jumps, her journey of freefall photography began.

“Being a skydiving photographer taught me invaluable lessons, the most important being, you only have one chance to capture any given moment you are presented with before it’s lost forever. It also taught me the value in getting the job done as efficiently and as accurately as possible.

“Until you open your parachute all you have achieved so far is a lot of falling. By taking that jump of faith, I discovered who I truly was and from that moment on I was hooked on photography.”

From New Zealand, Sarah-Jane spread her wings once again and landed in the whimsical Whitsundays, a photographer’s dream. She worked with an award-winning photographer who mentored her in a range of genre’s, from weddings to magazine style shoots. This is where she found her love of commercial and real estate photography.

“I believe that you need to photograph most or all of the genres to hone your true passion.”

Her evolution in photography led to the creation of In-House Imaging. Alongside her husband Eric, they are the go-to photographic media providers for photography, drone imagery, videos, creative marketing multimedia, 3-D walkthrough videos and floorplan walkthrough’s.