Close Your Eyes
And Jump

We see the world a little differently, that’s what takes our photography sky-high. Are you ready to come on an adventure with us?

We are...

Explorers, adventurers, photographers and lovers of design.Why are we chosen by Adelaide’s leading agents and architects? It comes down to split-second timing.

You might not think of real estate photography as a genre that relies on immediate instinct, but at In-House Imaging, we do things differently.

Accredited Professionals

At In-House Imaging, we combine creative composition with fastidious attention to detail to ensure your property or product is captured in its best light.

As an accredited professional photographer (member of the AIPP), we are bound by a code of professional practice and are required to consistently meet industry standards.

“We believe success for our customers is not only in producing great images, but by having a great relationship and a shared drive to succeed. We set our bar high to seamlessly integrate with the winning agencies we work with.”


Meet Sarah-Jane

Director & Photographer

Favourite camera: My current trusty work horse -Canon EOS R5, I love it!

Meet Eric

Technical Director

Favourite camera: EOS R5 from Canon, mind blowing

Meet Brianna

Client Services & Office Coordinator

Favourite camera: my I-Phone XR - great for taking photos of my dog!

Meet Ben

Photographer & Videographer

Favourite camera: Hasselblad H6D series, one day it will be in my collection

Meet Fudge

Head of Security

What's a camera, I love BONES!

Directors Eric and Sarah-Jane van Staden met jumping out of an aeroplane!

Both honed their art in skydiving photography, where you only have a moment to capture what will become one of the most epic experiences in someone’s life. It is their ability to see a scene in a split-second that sets their photography apart from the rest.

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