Welcome to In-House Imaging, where we combine creative composition with fastidious attention to detail to ensure your property or product is captured in its best light.

Great photography can help a business immensely with its image. From food to jewellery, cars to architecture; there is a skill and angle involved in every photo to ensure your brand and business is captured at its best. There are no second chances at making the best first impression.

Real Estate Photography

Clever composition of detail, optimum lighting, wide-angles to showcase large rooms, 3-D walkthroughs, aerial fly-bys and professional editing capabilities are only some of the skills we use to present your properties in the best way possible.

In a competitive marketplace, motivated buyers and sellers are simply looking for the best. Let our photography speak volumes for you as an agent to attract affluent vendors, when only the best will do.


Commercial Images

It’s your brand, we’re here to make it look bold.

Our talent for illustrating the power of imagery can transform the front of a building into a vision of brilliance. We have a passion for people and telling their stories, through our lens. Whether it’s food or products, portfolios or people, our mission is to show you a different side of your business you’ve never seen before.

Hotels, office space, apartments, retail. We know how to showcase space to accentuate size, views and selling point advantages. After all, we understand a building isn’t just bricks and mortar.

Interior Design & Architecture

From interior design to staging to sell, we know the finer details are often the most important when showcasing a home or business. By showcasing design at its most compelling, our engaging images are sure to bring attention to the master who created it.

Our multimedia capabilities allow us to tell the story of architecture, style and design, to accentuate the uniqueness and enhance the features to ensure the end result is as visually appealing as the designer intended.



Let’s face it, not everyone loves to be in front of a camera. But we believe in real photography showcasing real people. Great photography captures the personality within the person and lets their unique characteristics shine through.

Having a professional image is the first step in getting your personal brand in order, whether you’re showcasing yourself or your team. It comes down to making an engaging first impression.

You don’t need to be naturally photogenic for us to capture a professional image. We know the angles, lighting and tricks of the trade to guide you through your session.

Are you ready to put your best face forward?

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